Re: TS 2000 no PTT

Don Domina

Greetings all.

An update.  I used the configured TS2000 jumper module.  The situation is now back to square one.  I have no red LED on the RSS.  When I click on the monitor GUI, the PTT illuminates sometimes but never keys the transmitter.  I have double checked cables.  I can "see" the serial port is working using "lsusb" at the command prompt.  I can control radio ON/OFF, change frequencies, bands, modes.  I have checked the settings on the radio and they seem to be in compliance with suggestions.

What do I do next?  My plan is to remove all cables and connections from the TS2000 (there is a connection to a TR switch) among a couple of others.  I will then connect ONLY the RSS (serial and audio) and see what happens.  

If anyone has any other suggestions, please bring them forward.



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