unable to use no-ip.com anymore

Orrin Winton <orrin.winton@...>

Hi folks, back a couple years i successfully set up Port Forwarding and was using no-ip.com, so i could view some of my radio-related apps/tasks from outside my home network.

Then it stopped working, and i found out from the tech support at Zito Media that they changed the way they route traffic. Someone told me i had been "NATed" but i don't fully understand that.

The result: when i run the DUC app, to inform no-ip.com of my current IP address, the address it advertises cannot be used by no-ip.com to let me in from 'outside.'

The advertised IP might be something like (fictional) but my router says i'm 100.xx.xx.xx in Zito's internal network. 

A higher-skilled tech supervisor at Zito told me the solution for me would be to pay a higher fee to get a static IP, and also i'd have to supply my own router to go with their modem.

Is there any other solution available in order to use the RigPi? Thanks from NE Calif 73 de WN1Z


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