Getting Started: De-mystifying Mumble #mfj-1234 #quick-start #mumble


Good Morning all,

Mumble is a system used for voice “chat” and a bit more.  Think of it as something like Skype if you are familiar with that.  In the basic setup there are three parts to Mumble.

Part one is the Murmur server.  That is installed on your RigPi by default
Part Two is the Mumble client on your RigPi which is also installed by default.  
Part Three is a mumble client on the device you are remote controlling your station from.

In my case the RigPi is connected to my IC-7300 via USB and configured as show in the Wiki. There are a couple of setting on the RigPi that need to be adjusted for this radio to use the proper interface.  The Raspberry Pi default device must be set to the USB CODEC for the radio.  Then Mumble/Mumur must be set to use the default device for audio.

The other part of this “voice chat” system is my iPhone and the software must be installed on the iPhone and configured.  That configuration is also easy to do.  Download the app from the App Store.  Run the app and allow it to use your Microphone.  Assuming that your iPhone is on the same local area network as your RigPi select the LAN connections and you should see the RigPi VOIP device..  Make that a favorite!  Then edit that favorite to put a username and the password set for Mumble. (By default 7388).  Then connect to the favorite connection you just made and accept the certificate.  The software should log into your RigPi and start sending you audio from the radio.!

Here is a video of setting up the RigPi side of this connection:

Here is a video of installing and setting up the iPhone side of the connection:

Setup of The Windows and Mac OS clients are similar.  I am not currently using them.  The Mumble client for iOS is an iPhone only view but it does work on the iPad!

I hope this helps folks with Mumble!

73 KE9A

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