Re: Mumble connected on audio


Good afternoon to you.
Thank you for helping me play detective on this effort. Unfortunately, I don't have a scope. 
But permit me to bring you up-to-date on my findings so far.

I did a factory reset on the Icom radio as a precaution. I went back over the correct settings in the radio.

I removed the jumper board from the internal socket in the RigPi to verify that the board did indeed 
prove identical to the RigPi jumper schematic as shown for the 8-pin round mic connector and
specific to the Icom 756PRO3. With an ohmmeter, the paths are identical to the schematic in the files
section of RigPi documentation.

I then removed the jumper board and plugged the 8 pin round connector/RJ-45 cable into the RigPi.
I put one test lead onto the center of the Mic connector (Pin 8) and the other lead to pin 7 on the jumper socket.
I DID NOT have continuity to that location. I DID have continuity from the socket on Pin  8 to the center pin of
the mic connector, Pin 8

I checked this several times.'

I replaced the jumper board and read continuity from Pin 1, Pin 6,
Pin 7, and Pin 8 to the Pin 8 of the mic connector.

Can you tell me what's next?


Herb / N2GEW 

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