RSS Tuner Window


Hello all:
I am working thru various issues which will result in my ultimate success with the
RigPi remoting to my ICOM 756PRO3, and perhaps another radio. 

But these are separate observations (new thread) and I would look for any thoughts or feedback
to see if anyone else can confirm.

1) On either a PC Browser or the iPhone:  the tuning dial always works. But always,  turning the
dial clockwise raises the frequency: other times it lowers the frequency. The + and - always work in the
correct direction raising and lowering the frequency, but actually "circling the dial" seems to go either way.

2) The labeling of the IC-756 PRO3 in the tuner window between the main and sub is not fully visible. 
It appears that ICON 756-PRO 3 is too long and it moves to a second row and cuts the top off of the
radio ID. Is this a simple registration issue and too be ignored? A way to expand that window?

3) I am so far unable to maintain a constant Mumble connection to the server (iPhone only) . After several minutes, I seem
to lose the connection and often have to "re-connect" Mumble to the server. I also notice that sometimes the
receive connection leaves and returns after some delay. I am wondering if this is a phone issue and also
a dropped call issue. I am in a challenged area and sometimes have some cell issues.

Thanks/73/ Herb/N2GEW

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