I have EERO connected for my cable TV. This uses it's own router that I don't have the password for. There appears to be a port I can connect toon the routr, but I can't access the router to make a port available from the WAN. 

Please note, I have not purchased the RSS yet. I think I can make it work with my Kenwood TS-480 on the LAN, but I have a problem because of the router.

I'd like to know I can establish a pathway from the LAN to the WAN before I purchase an RSS. Maybe attach another router to the internet (WAN) and connect the EERO router to it, but I'm afraid the EERO might need a Static IP address.

I talked with a technician at the cable company that supplies my internet, but he didn't seen to understand what I was trying to do, and when he finally did, he didn't know what to do.

Anybody have any ideas?

George W3GWM

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