Re: I hv everything working sort of. No audio out to the transmitter when using WSJT-X

Leslie Loftin

Don’t give up. This was not my easiest configuration in my ham or computer life, but can be done.
Open to the Rigpi desktop. I have to use VNC Viewer to remote in, as I don’t have a monitor or keyboard attached to the Rigpi.
The Rigpi will usually come up with the Mumble program running. You don’t want it. Don’t just minimize the window, but actually quit the program. (You can configure Mumble to run on boot or manually. Run on boot is the normal configuration for LSB/USB voice transmission.)
Next: When you right click on the speaker icon in the upper right of the desktop it should show the audio options.
Mine says USB Audio CODEC.
Try this, if are not already doing so.
I may not be much help, but someone out there knows what is going on.


On Sep 5, 2019, at 9:16 PM, ad9p <ad9p@...> wrote:

I played around with it most of the day.  On WSJT-X it decodes perfectly, the PTT works as it should, but still no audio out to the transmit side.
I thought that the FT-991A would be easier to connect.  I am beginning to think this may have been a bad investment. 
I'll try again tomorrow . 

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