Re: hamlib support for IC-7610

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Bo,

Hamlib uses the same control commands (with one exception, see next paragraph) for the 7610 as for the 7300.  Hamlib doesn’t care that you are really using a 7610 when you are telling it you are using a 7300.  The only RigPi setting that needs to be changed is the CI-V code which is different for every Icom radio.  The Name field in Advanced Radio Settings can also be changed without Hamlib caring.  The name is what RigPi uses to identify the radio.  It could be called “Harry” as far as Hamlib cares.

The reason I recommended that change is because Hamlib does not yet support Power On/Power/Off commands for the 7610, but it does for the 7300.


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