Re: Mumble connected on audio

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Herb,

All good news in your report.  When you plug in headphones to TX OUT, no audio is sent from the RJ-45 since it is bypassed by the headphones.  You didn't hear excessive hum or clicking I assume.

Since the headphone test appears to be OK, that leaves the jumper block, cable, or a radio setting.  There are two similar Accesssory connectors on the 756.  ACC1 is the one to use.  The manual states that the radio must be in SSB Data Mode for the audio to be accepted through the Accessory connector rather than the mic.  I don't see anything in the menu system that changes that requirement.  If you are using ACC1 and the radio is set to SSB Data Mode, and there still isn't rf when you use PTT and talk, our next teest will require shorting a pin on the jumper block with a clip lead to turn on PTT.  I'll send steps if necessary.


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