Re: Mumble setup

Terrence Redding

Name a frequency and I would be glad to make contact with you, or anyone with a RigPI.

How about 14.287 MHz?  I will monitor it starting now, if anyone would like to make a RigPI contact.

Terry - W6LMJ

On Sep 3, 2019, at 10:20 AM, Bo Barry <bobarr@...> wrote:

First I had no clue of the mumble password!  I need to go thru the docs again for sure!
I tried everything I could come up with and THOUGHT the note above said 7488, one of the port numbers
I misread it and tried the number above and it WORKED.
I thought I had eliminated that password earlier. I guess not for mumble.
Going to try a QSO on my iPhone next!
Many thanks for the many tips.
73, Bo W4GHV so long I can't remember the beginning!

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