Re: TS 2000 no PTT

Mark Weisheimer


JP1 is not the jumper folks are referring to.
The jumper that they are referencing is located on the very top board inside the RigPi, and is on the bottom of that board.
It is a 16 pin jumper (can be done with wires too) and its purpose is to route the audio TX, RX, GND and PTT to the RJ45 connector which in turns take those signal to your radio.
It looks like these:,,,20,2,0,0

Since you don't seem to have a jumper, here is a pointer to how they are wired for the various radios.

You can either use the jumper that is in your SignaLink or make up wire jumpers for the positions.
I have used 24 ga insulated solid copper wires for that.
Such as you might find from an ethernet cable or as was used for home telephone wiring.

73 - Mark - K8MHW
'A RigPi Enthusiast!' - I am not otherwise affiliated with MFJ or RigPi

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