Re: Kenwood TS 590 and no modulation when using remote.

Mark Weisheimer

Hello Loic,

First, do you have ONLY a USB A to B cable connected from the TS-590 to the RigPi?
I have used the RigPi with a TS-590S this way and it worked great once it was set up properly.

Can you tell us a bit about what you are using for your remote device?
Is it a tablet or a phone or a laptop and which OS is it?
Do you hear audio from the radio at your remote device?
The stumbling block for me was getting the Transmit audio to modulate the TS-590S.
There is a menu setting that informs the radio to use the audio from the USB port of the radio.
Menu 63 I believe it was, must be set to USB so that the transmitter will use that audio when CAT keys the PTT.

I has been a couple of months and a couple of radios ago that I set that up and I currently have a different radio on the desk.
If you get really stuck, I can get it out and set it up and verify the settings.

I do think that there was a need to create a Macro to key the PTT and make it use the USB audio, that idea just came to me while typing.
I believe that I made the Macro emulate pushing another button which caused the radio to go into "transmit DATA mode" which actually meant "transmit audio from the internal USBaudioCODEC of the radio.

I just now opened the guide to where I had written:
We also added a macro (using Macro 21's slot) to send the CAT command for TX1 which is "Send USB
That macro is populated with:
*0w TX1;
and I named it "TX USB"
you can name it anything meaningful to you.

That will key the radio and pass USB audio to the transmit chain, then you need to tap the PTT button to
go back to receive.

That "fake PTT button push" requires:
Set Menu 79 PF-A function to value 205 for the TS-590S only.
The purpose of this change is to make PF-A become "PTT RigPi Audio"

Let me know if that does not help enough to get you transmitting!

73 - Mark - K8MHW
'A RigPi Enthusiast!' - I am not otherwise affiliated with MFJ or RigPi

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