Re: FT-857 No Audio

Terrence Redding

Good Morning, Howard,

I am hoping to setup a rig with RigPI today.  I have three easy choices in the shop.  A TS-2000, IC-7600, and a FT-857d.  Of the rigs I have listed the only the TS-2000 is cited as Stable so maybe that should be my first choice. It would certainly give me the great flexibility on bands and modes.

Has someone produced a connection guide for the TS-2000?

Terry - W6LMJ

On Aug 21, 2019, at 9:07 PM, Howard Nurse, W6HN <hlnurse@...> wrote:

Hi Kerry,

I want to assure you that getting the IC-7300 integrated with RigPi is normally straightforward.  (I have one sitting right here.)  The 7300 has much documentation and step-by-step instructions in the Forum Files area.  One of our users, Harold, W5ZZT, created a file which you can load into your 7300 to take care of all radio menu settings if you don't want to change settings manually..

There is a list of supported radios in the Forum File area here:

There are notes for each radio that indicates testing status.  I've found these notes to be unreliable.

I know of several who are using the TS-2000 successfully.  The FT-857d is a bit more difficult since you have to patch into the Mic connector to take advantage of DSP and other radio audio options.

73, Howard W6HN

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