Re: Mumble connected on audio


Hello again:
I apologize: what I thought was an audio issue involving the Mumble VOIP and Alsamixer appears now to
be unrelated. Newbie error on my part.

I started the ICOM and connected to the RigPi cleanly. I DID NOT start the Mumble software. When I went to the PTT whether on a WIFI computer or the iPhone, the radio goes into transmit.
I have the frequency set on 80 meter LSB, I assume this is all normal. 
But listening on an out-of-state SDR and seeing my power meter deflect/stabilize at 100 watts is not. On the SDR, it sounds like a solid grumbling sound showing clearly on the waterfall for the length of the transmission.

I, of course, will not repeat this except on a dummy load: until I can resolve.

Left to my own resources, I would say now the issue is probably with the MFJ-5708P cable OR the MFJ-1204P8 jumper. I was one who bought the cable at HRO and it did not have the jumper in the package. I called MFJ and waited a week. I was presuming they sent me the correct jumper to install in the socket on the RigPi board. Back to the drawing board?

Any thoughts and assist is very much appreciated. 

73 / Herb / N2GEW

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