Re: FT-857 No Audio

Terrence Redding

Hi Jeff,

It appears you are busy learning for both of us.  I am considering hooking the RigPI up to the FT-857d, and possibly an IC-7600, if I don’t go the TS-2000 route.  But I can’t have a remote base need a reboot each time I use it.  That would be a non-strater.

Reading along and following your adventure.

Terry - W6LMJ

On Aug 27, 2019, at 8:15 AM, Jeffj51@... wrote:

I may have spoken too soon- it seems the transmit audio isn’t working properly. PTT is working and I can key the transmitter, but audio is not getting through. Verified with the local repeater. I’m going back through all the setup instructions.

Also, I’m having to reboot the RigPi after I disconnect remotely because it it will not reconnect. Mumble works and I hear audio, but RigPi won’t load. I get a message saying Safari can’t connect to the server. At the RSS, it incorrectly thinks there is no internet connection. I don’t have RigPi running on the server when I connect remotely. 

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