Re: IC-718 PTT does not function

Tim Young


1. Closed PC browser access (LAN).

2. Rebooted RSS.

3. Opened Rig Pi through direct connection to RSS (HDMI Display and wireless kbd/mouse).

4. PTT button: Red LED on RSS lights up. displays USB XMIT, no action on radio, Red LED hangs in the on mode occasionally.




On 2019-08-26 10:27, Howard Nurse, W6HN wrote:

OK, progress, thanks...

What browsers are you using to test PTT?  If using the Raspberry Pi Desktop browser with no others open on other computers, you are fine.  If you are testing from another computer, with the Desktop browser open, please try closing the Desktop browser to see if that makes a PTT difference.

With the Desktop browser closed, try opening 2 browsers on different computers/devices.  When you engage PTT, does the PTT show as ON on the other browser?


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