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Aaron Jones

Bo, sounds like a loaded question but I’ll give my two cents.  

I’m not familiar with using an alias for PI, but you should change the password for the “pi” user.

Using a domainname to alias your IP address is good because if you have it set up correctly and you do not have a static IP address but a dynamic one that changes every month or two (most internet service providers do this). You can set up the domain alias to automatically get your updated IP when it changes.  I used for my dynamic name, it has easy to follow instructions for the PI for setting up the script to update the IP address. 

You ask about your port settings but you don’t mention what they are so I can’t answer that.  However. I use a single open port on port 443 which is normally used for ssl secure communications.  I have the forwarded to my Rigpi and I run pivpn on it and connect securely over just one port and then once connected over pivpn(Open vpn software) I can access the rigpi on the vpn IP, it is usually

Regarding the 7610, that’s an amazing rig but it doesn’t replace the rigpi.  What it can do is PSK modes on its own without using FLDigi or similar software. However you still have to connect it to a computer(the rigpi) and run separate software for every other digital mode like Wsjt-x(ft8) or 20 others in FLDigi.  The 7610 does allow you to use the built in 7610 USB connection to connect to the rigpi USB port  for audio transfer and CAT/PTT control, this is similar to all ic7100 and 7300 users connections on this forum.  

I’ve been running digital modes on a raspberry PI for a couple years with an IC7100 and I’m still happy I have the rigpi because it has the voice audio through mumble and it has a great user interface for rig control.  In my case I am only using the SD card as I don’t need the audio connection device 

the below link talks about the 7610 and ft8:

good luck

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