Re: Off-topic - Open source license compliance - not RigPi

Clint Chron

Hi Bruce,


What is your personal email address?






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Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 10:53 AM
Subject: [RigPi] Off-topic - Open source license compliance - not RigPi


If you are the copyright holder of Open Source software, and are worried that your license is not being complied with by a manufacturer, I can connect you with someone who will help. If you are not the copyright holder, sometimes it turns out that I am! And if you are the manufacturer and don't understand how to comply, I can talk with you and/or your lawyer, gratis and under NDA. I can at least give advice. But you should take this up with me off the list. This is not a RigPi issue.





On Wed, Aug 21, 2019, 10:39 AM Roeland Jansen, PA3MET <roeland.jansen69@...> wrote:

Bruce, did you also look at the RS918 io group where someone fails to present the modified sources for "his" rs928 code? 


(maybe we should take this off list)

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