Re: Mumble questions

Aaron Jones

I use the 7100 too.  I have set a macro that will change the connector settings to set USB SQL in and off.  When running 2 meter/70cm I set it to “on”. My macro for the 7100 is under files on the rigpi forum. I also use the hamlib macro for setting the sql level to 30%. Note with using icom civ commands you get a message back from rigpi after it executes that shows several ???? It’s apparently an issue with the response from the radio that the rigpi web interface doesn’t handle well. The hamlib macros do not have this problem.   
Regarding your mumble client running after closing the rigpi website.  Mumble is effectively a separate program completely so you have to start and stop it independently. Also- if you start a digital program like wsjt-x or js8call you should quit mumble as they all use the audio port and can’t share(as far as I know)
There could be a few things on your port forwarding.  Some ports aren’t allowed by ISPs.  I ended up installing “pivpn” which wa super easy and I port forwarded port 443 which is rarely blocked by isps because it is for secure ssl usually.  I have had no problems with routing in from various networks.  Note, I cannot use the external connection IP/host because my router is not configured to allow internal IPs to go out and back in through the external IP.  Anyway.  
Good luck 

Aaron Jones

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