Got my RigPi working

Manuel Maseda

Well after only about an hour of trying I got my Rigpi working.  Tested on both Android and IOS.  I elected to start with my Icom R-72 receiver first.  Everything worked using the instruction in the RigPi help file.  The only problem I ran across was the default baud rate in Hamlib for the R-72 receiver was 9600 while the actual default in the radio was 1200.  I just followed the troubleshooting procedures in the help file and got it working.  Tomorrow I’ll try and set up my Icom 7100.  One thing I also did that was very helpful was download a 30 day free trial version of Ham Radio Deluxe for Windows.  This allowed me to verify my USB interface cable to the radio was working and insure I knew the proper baud rate and CI-V address configured in the radio.

Manuel W4SSB

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