Re: Icom 7100 Mumble inconsistent and now not working

Aaron Jones


I have an IC-7100 and am using mumble fairly well.  Here's some of the issues I've had and see in helping others:
  • I always make sure I have my rig turned on before turning on the rigPI itself
  • No other ham software should be running when mumble is running (FLDIGI, WSJT-X etc)
  • Do you have SQL on or off?
  • In "Set > Connectors > USB Audio SQL - is it set to "OFF (OPEN)"  - this will exhibit constant sound (static if you aren't hearing anything on the frequency)
  • Make sure your audio device on the RigPI is showing the 'USB Audio Codec" as defult
  • In Mumble under Audio configuratino makes ure the Input is set to the ALSA > USB Audio Code and same thing in the Audio Output

What version of rigPI are you running? i'm on 1.05 and I understand there was a performance improvement with that with Mumble. 

What issues are you hearing about when you transmit?


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