Re: Rigpi with IC-718

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Adam,

(Thanks, Mike, for your help with the 718.)

Here is additional info:

1. The IC-718 Baud rate can be set using the menu selection for AutoBaud.  Default is “At” which is automatic.  Other fixed values can be found in the AutoBaud list.  Select the highest Baud rate in that list.  This is what Hamlib uses for their default.

2. The menu selection CI-V Transceive (which sends unsolicited data from the radio), must be OFF or RSS will get confused.

3. In other messages we have described how to use the Raspberry Pi Terminal to bypass RigPi.  You’ve done that, but try again after making the changes in 1 and 2.  If you get a prompt “Command:” you are good.  Type an F followed by a return to read the radio’s frequency.  If you see the frequency you can start celebrating.

4. Use Ctrl+C to exit the rigctl program.  Open a RigPi browser and go to Advanced Radio settings.  Make all boxes say Default.  Try Connect Radio.  If it fails, use Disconnect Radio, then try the Test button.  As Mike said, the images you sent need to be higher resolution so we can read them.

There is a possibility the cable you are using for CI-V to USB is not correct, or may be bad...

We WILL get you going!

73, Howard W6HN

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