Re: Rigpi with IC-718

Michael Young

I’ve not used CI-V on an IC-718 myself so we’re both learning until someone else who has jumps in to help!

To learn more about it refer to the 718’s user manual and Hamlib.   User manual is easy so that’s what I looked at first.  I even looked at a couple you tube videos to see how it works.   I could not find in the manual exactly what RANGE of BAUD RATES the 718 supports but I did see an AUTO selection.   AUTO would be one thing to try but I just looked at Hamlib docs and they indicate max baud rate is 19,200, 8n1 BUT the 718 manual doesn’t specifically indicate how to to change baud rate to a specific speed.  Having a 718 to play with would possibly expose that unknown.   But I would try CI-V to AUTO on the 718... or if you can figure out with the radio how to set a specific speed to 19,200, do that. Set/verify the CI-V address to 5E, (the default), CI-V transceive to on (the default), CI-V 731 mode to off (the default).   For RigPi Settings>Radio>Basic>Manu Icom, model IC-718, port /dev/tty/USB0. Everything else to default.  Settings>Radio>Advanced use all the default settings for now.  Click test radio, see what happens.  I’m doing this from memory with no support hardware (RigPi) in front of me.  4 hours of HamVention left!

Can be easy, can be difficult...

Hopefully someone who has done this will jump in and help us...


On May 18, 2019, at 7:45 PM, Adam Hosa via Groups.Io <Ifone@...> wrote:

So far no luck. If i try running some commands from the pi terminal (using 313 which is for a 718) Im getting a communication bus error. Saw some posts somewhere about having to turn off CI-V transceive on icom radios (which I did). Dont know if i need to maybe specifically set baud rate on the 718 and rigpi? Tinkering around with it. I had several cables laying around which i thought should work for CIV (have the USB end with that 'converter) and 1/8 " on the other for the rig. Enjoying myself, hasnt exactly been plug-n-play yet, but somehow i'll figure it out  :)

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