Re: Rigpi with IC-718

Michael Young

Hi Adam,

At Hamvention but will try to help.  Also your screenshots get blurry when I zoom in with smartphone.

Goto Settings>System>there’s a button to power down the Pi.  Click it to gracefully power down the Pi. Then cycle the power to power/boot up.  

make sure the 718 is set to the highest baudrate it will support.  

Plugin the 718 to a RigPi USB port using the appropriate cable.

Goto Settings>Radio>Basic and set Manu to Icom, Model to IC-718,Port to dev/ttyUSB0.  Click the cloud to save settings.  

Then goto Settings>Radio>Advanced and click Test Radio.  Hopefully at the bottom of the output rigctl will show a connect.  If successful the tuner page will show the frequency and mode the 718 is tuned to and you should be able to control the radio.  

Sorry if I missed something. Doing this from (old) memory.  

Good Luck


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