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To access the rigpi from outside your home network, you will need to open the port on your home router to the local ip address that rigpi has.  Plus you will need to know your public ip address.   You can get that by typing "whats my ip" in a google search and you can find your public ip.  Public IP address stay with you for up to months and months sometimes, but if your router rebooted etc, you may get a different public ip address.   the best way is to pay or find a free service that will always know your public ip even if it changes.  for example i use      my address is now     dyndns knows if your ip changes and it assigns the new address to your address such as

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Does rigpi require a stable IP address?  

I would love to operate my home station from my snowbird RV in Arizona.

73, de Hans, KØHB
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Hi Mike,


You can connect to any radio on the Internet, so long as it can be accessed through an IP and a port.  In Radio Settings, use the normal radio Manuf and Model.  In the port box put 192.168.1.xx:nnnn.  Substitute the radio IP and the radio port.  (If the radio is off site you will have to set up port forwarding in your router.)


If each slice has its own Port you can open as many slices as you want through their own browsers, until the RSS starts to choke.  It would be cool to try that!




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Howard, I have a Flex 6000 series radio...  can you elaborate on how to use tcp to connect to the RigPi.   Do you use a port or something?  Thanks, Mike, WB8CXO

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Hi David,

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I suspect the answer is to use a TCP connection to the radio rather than a USB port.  None of the Beta team has a Flex as far as I know, but you can connect RigPi to a TCP/Port just as easily as to a COM port.


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