Re: No RF Output in FT8 on my 7300 all of the sudden (would 1.0.5 have caused a problem?)

Harold Rosee <wa5zzt@...>


Glad you got it working.  I will tell you my secret that keeps me from having the audio issues that I see a lot having is I never set any of the audio setting in Mumble or the digital programs to "Default".  The default as you probably know picks up whatever you have checked as the system default under the speaker icon.  Since the RigPi came out I have always hardcoded from the drop downs the correct device I wanted to use.  Either the CODEC or the Soundcard.   I saw many guys including the beta testers complaining about watery audio.  When I was helping Beta testing 1.05 all the guys except me were complaining of the watery audio.  Howard and I finally found it was caused by taking the system default.

So in Mumble and WSJT=X I always hard code what I use and never have a problem.  I use the Codec for my USB connection but the same holds true if I am using the audio board.  I hope all this makes sense.  My main point is I don't recommend choosing "Default" even though I write up all my Radio setup instructions that way.  I did that because it was just easier to get someone going/  Then if they have problems I suggest the other way.  

Anyway glad you are working.


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