Re: FT-991 Ft-8

VE2KDB <corpa@...>

Finally at the remote station..  Thank you for  your help.

The radio works USB with mumble and CW no problem.   So again on FT-8 . I have cat and I am decoding.   I just would like to confirm my settings in the radio tab.  I believe here is my problem.  I have transmit but no carrier.. no digital sounding carrier.   No power going out.

Rig:  Hamlib Net rigctl  (i dont put the FT-991 rig here?)
Cat Control:  Localhost 4532

Everything on the left side is greyed out

Port: greyed out
Transmit: Rear/Data
Mode:   Usb or None ?
Split: None

The radio mode is USB.. but some people are saying data ?

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