No RF Output in FT8 on my 7300 all of the sudden (would 1.0.5 have caused a problem?)

Adam Hosa

Hi Folks,

So for the majority of the day I was running FT8 remote, no problems. Towards the end of the work day, I saw the message come out about the update to 1.0.5 so I updated via the browser, PI restarted and I went home. I got to my rig, and was going to mess around with the audio settings (my other post out there) but figured Id make a few Q's first. When I started tx sitting in front of the radio, the rig was keying up but I didnt see any RF out on the meter of the rig or my auto tuner. Tried other modes (CW, FM, SSB with a mic) and have no problems - full power blasting away.

I even reset my 7300 to the default settings that I used from the doc in our files section, everythings been working fine all along, until today.

Any thoughts?

Thanks :)

Adam N1AH

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