Re: How do I change the RSS User and login Password on the server.

Bill Hurlock <bill.hurlock@...>

So I went in and edited the user via phpMyAdmin on the PI and I'm able to get into RSS ok. Some how while I was out I must have entered the password in place of my User Name and the program modified the DB record with the new user name and no password. I have to tell you this has been a real challenge trying to get this program functioning. One day it is working the next day I have to fight mumble just to get ins and outs to work and today I had this very strange edit take place in the DB entry. I'm just about ready to hang this whole thing up. There is no way this should be this complicated to get and keep this program to working.  I will say when it works it is really nice but when anything stops working correctly it turns into a nightmare. I guess I jumped into this to early in development.
As a side note I'm using VPN to connect remotely and that is working great.

Bill Hurlock

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