Re: Using GPIO's to turn on other things

Clint Chron

The cloud server with Wemo can be a problem, but I am finding that the benefits of cloud servers usually outweigh the negatives.  At my cabin, I just migrated from an old Panasonic BL-C131A web cam to a new Wyze PTZ web cam.   It took about one minute to setup the Wyze and I did not have to make any changes to my Internet router (no port forwarding needed).  The difference between performance/functionality was night and day.  I have been using Wemo at my cabin for about two years and I think I remember one time when the cloud server was down for a very short period of time.  Probability of my Internet service going down is about 1000 times greater.






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  I have also used WEMO devices but I am trying to get away from trusting "some company server" there was one day that my WEMO's where dead due to WEMO service being down. I think the RIGpi could turn on or off a 4 channel relay board easily even if I do it through SShH although the RIGpi web server would make it nice hint hint... there are some of us who just bought the SD card without any hardware so we can "roll our own"

Mike WA3O

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