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Clint Chron

A Belkin Wemo device also works very good for controlling the system.  I have the Wemo app installed on my cell phone.  My Astron power supply and Pi power supply are plugged into the Wemo.  I have two Dow Key 12 volt DC antenna relays attached to the HF and VHF/UHF antenna jacks on my IC-7100.  When I power down the system, the two relays are de-energized, disconnecting the relay antenna jack from the 7100’s antenna jacks and also shorting the HF and VHF/UHF antennas to ground.


Here is the process I use for powering up the system:

From Wemo app on my cell phone, turn on Wemo device.

                The Astron power supply and the Pi power supply are energized.   The Pi boots up.

                The two Dow Key relays are energized, thus connecting the antennas to the 7100s antenna jacks

From RigPi app, power on my IC-7100

From the RigPi app, connect to my IC-7100


Here is the process that I use for powering down the system:

From the RigPi app, disconnect the IC-7100

From the RigPi app, power down the IC-7100

From the RigPi app, shutdown the Pi

Wait about 30 seconds and use Wemo app to turn off Wemo device

Astron power supply is turned off

Two Dow Key antenna relays are de-energized

All equipment is now turned off, except for AC power to the Wemo device.






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ok i found it   here is the post i did previously.


  In the very beginning of the beta testing, I worked with Howard to have a lead from the rigpi that I could switch on and off using a macro. We did this and that line can be brought out of a jack on the keyer card  when configured in the set up, it will switch on and off with the macro.

I did not want my 12 volt power supply to have to always be on, and I sure did not want my antenna hooked up 24 x7, especially when not using the remote radio. I also did not like the fact that when storms were in the area, a close lightning strike could kill my radio even if the radio was turned off.

so i took a simple 12 volt coil relay and wired the 110 v ac (of the rig power supply) through the contacts.  I also salvaged a small coaxial antenna switch from an old motorola trunk mount radio. It was also a 12 volt coil.   I used a small 12 vdc wallwart transformer to power the 2 12 volt relays.  I inserted a simple keying transistor to key the relays, and used the switched output from the rigpi to key the base of that transistor (it turned the relays on and off)

So under normal conditions, the radio is off because the 12 v radio supply is off, and at the same time that disconnects the antenna and grounds it protecting the radio from lightning.   Once i access the rigpi remotely (the rigpi must stay powered on all the time) and hit the macro that I have named "Power/Antenna" then it turns on the 12 v supply to the radio and the radio comes on and it connects the antenna.  All home brew and very simple circuitry.


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  In the macros I seen something like "Switch on" and "Switch off" and it looks to be associated with possibly GPIO 18? Is there a way to trigger  other GPIO pins to turn on/off to trigger relays to turn on/off Amps, antenna switchers etc? 


Mike WA3O

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