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Harold, it’s not about me. Just some business advice to Howard. 

On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 10:19 PM Harold Rosee <wa5zzt@...> wrote:

There are many guys, including me, that have put out instructions for various radios.

This is ham radio.  It's all about experm8inting and building things and having fun.  I have been in ham radio since the 60's and use to build all my own radios from scratch.

Lots of folks here on the forum have put forth the effort to get their RigPi on the air and they are working great.  Like I have said before you only have to do it once.  It's like anything else you build.  You do it once and then enjoy it.  As more people hook these up more instructions will be available.  

Just be glad that a product like this is available.  If you decide to put a station together around the RigPi when you are done you will look back and wonder why you thought it was so hard.

A lot of hams, new and old, are not into this kind of thing.  It may just not be for you.


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