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Clint Chron

Hi Richard,


The two minute time is based upon the actual time for installing/removing SD card and kicking off the backup/burn process.    I use the Win32 Disk Imager app. 


On my Windows 10 PC, it takes about 14 minutes to make a copy of the SD card and about 20 minutes to burn a SD card.  Thus someone could be doing other things while the application is copying/burning the SD card.


There are a number of solutions for writing multiple SD cards at the same time.


With this type of solution, one could make about 192 RigPi SD cards over an 8 hour period and the actual operator time would be less than 30 minutes.  I would think that 192 SD cards would satisfy the current demand, including the orders that are on back-order.






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Regarding duplicating the SD card. I just did this in order to have a personal backup before starting to configure my RigPi. On an iMac 4 core i5 and a USB 3 card reader, it took about 30 minutes to create an image and longer than that to burn it to a new card. This was done with terminal commands which are the same as Unix on a Mac per the article below. I would think similar times would be true under Windows. The image creation is a one-time thing but seems to take a lot longer than 2 min to create each ready to boot copy of the SD card.


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