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Clint Chron

Hi Ron,


I agree that the MFJ SD Card is well worth the $40 price.  However, a number of people keep reporting that the SD card is on 30 day back-order from MFJ.  And that 30 day window appears to be continually pushed back.  Since there are no unique hardware components to the card, I am having a very hard time in understanding why the card is so difficult to get.  I understand that the demand for the complete MFJ-1234 system is high, but as I have stated before, it only takes less than 2 minutes of someone’s time to burn a new SD card – and that assumes that the process is not automated.


My guess is that MFJ wants to discourage end-users from purchasing the SD Card so that they will be pushed into buying the $150 or $299 system.


I would be interested to know how many people have actually ordered and received the SD card from either MFJ, Gigaparts, HRO, etc.


In the past, I have had to cancel orders to MFJ because the particular hardware item was in continual backorder.  And the part was going to stay in backorder because of very minimal demand.






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Subject: Re: [RigPi] Can I share the RigPi image with a friend?


Just a quick note to say that purchasing the SD card with the software alone is absolutely worth the $40.  Howard has done an excellent job of integrating several existing open source components, filling in the gaps with his own code, and using commercially licensed interface components where they made sense.  As an IT professional and software developer for almost 30 years, my recommendation is to just buy it.  You will not be disappointed.  Once you do you will have full access to the source code to modify for your own personal use.  The code is well written and those that are proficient with HTML5, javascript, and php will have no trouble identifying the pieces.  Don't forget that this is more than just rig control.  It also includes logging, dx spotting, callbook lookups, and a full management interface.  Oh, and it also works with Howard's FREE IOS mobile app which is really nice.

--Ron, KA5LUG

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