Updated PDF Doc for IC-7100/7300 Installation and Configuration

Clint Chron

Under the Files section, I have updated the installation doc under the Homebrew Information From.  Larry will be removing the older document.  The following changes have been made to the uploaded doc:

Cover Page

Added trademark reference for Howard's “RigPi” brand

Added contact information (my email address is listed)


Page 4

Under Caveats

Added statement that using default accounts and passwords creates a severe security hole


Page 5

Moved the reference to the Rankie HDMI adapter to the Appendix


Page 8

Icom configuration settings

Used blue text to show factory default settings for IC-7100 and 7300

Updated settings for IC-7100



Page 46

Added info for VGA to HDMI video adapters and wireless keyboard


Page 47

Added section for planned updates to the documentation


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