Re: Icom 7610 Compatibility

Michael Young

Beta testers have successfully interfaced the RigPi to both the 7300 and 7610.  

You simply connect the USB port of either radio to the RigPi’s USB port.  Both Cat control and audio are available via USB.  Now you can access your radio from a browser on any platform.  

You will not need the router connection to your 7610 I’d probably leave it for RS-BA1 access.  

I do not know if you can control the power via CAT but there’s always a way and that has been discussed.  Gotta save some improvements for the future.  LOL

Beta testers have used RigPi to access their radios from both iOS and Android devices.  

Read the Help documents and ask more questions!


On May 16, 2019, at 2:43 PM, Garry Decker <K9WHF@...> wrote:

I am a new subscriber, thanks for allowing me to be a member.
i would like to use the MFJ-1234 on my IC-7610 and possibly on one of my IC-7300’s.
Has anyone successfully accomplished this?
The 7610 is already connected to my router by Ethernet 
via its own self contained server and is successfully running RS-BA1, but it is cumbersome and requires the radio to be powered up 100% of the time.
The Radio USB port is already committed to my desktop.
My version of RS-BA1 requires Winders based laptop to run.
I would appreciate comments about this idea. I am quite intrigued with the idea of running a radio from my iPhone 
Thank you

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