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Clint Chron

I have a problem with my RigPi system that others may also experience.  With the RigPi software installed on my Pi, the Pi cannot get a DHCP address from my Internet router.  I did a data capture and the Pi starts out with requesting an IP to the Internet Router and the Router acknowledges the request, but it never sends the IP.  After about 5 attempts, the Pi stops trying.  The Router works fine with my Pi and a standard Raspbian OS.  I tried a different router attached to my Pi and the Pi is able to get a DHCP address OK.


In any event, I have to login locally to my Pi and assign a static IP for the Ethernet port and the WiFi port.  Then I can access the Pi from the browser on my PC using the URL:  http://rigpi.local






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Harold, you can help further. The directions say to use an ethernet cable, and if an ethernet is not convenient, then try connect by wifi.  My ethernet is convenient but I can't get it to work!  Why can I not find http://rigpi.local?  you said, "You can only see the IP address you need in the router or hooking up to it."   But I did see the IP addresses of my iphone and my Direct TV on the website listed on the router.

If I could obtain the monitor, keyboard, mouse, what would be the wiring diagram? how would they hook together?  to what in the rigpi should the connection be?

I need to get this done. Please continue to help.  James Little  K4JUO


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You're making it hard but it can't be done without the monitor/keyboard/mouse hooked to the RigPi OR by using VCN.  Plan and simple.


Without the ip address you are dead in the water.  The 7300 is easy to set up.  If fact it's the easiest of all rigs but working in the blind you are going to corrupt you SD card and be up a tree.  It has to be shut down properly.  You can't just turn it off.  You may have already corrupted your card.  I don't know hoe you could see all the IP address the router is connected to in your make.  You are going to have to get into the router to make this thing work outside your LAN anyway.  I am one of the Beta tester and I promise you you will not get it set up like you are doing.  You have to get into the RigPi one way or the other.  Just no way around it.  I can't even get in remote to set it up for you without you knowing the ip address and doing some port forwarding in the router. 


You can get it working in the house on you LAN only if you get a monitor/keyboard/mouse hooked up.


I am sorry but no one can help you with out one thing or the other.  I have help over 2 dozen people get on the air but I can't help you without the necessary equipment or you going into your router.


One you get either I'll be happy to help.  You just can't get there the way you are trying.  You can only see the IP address you need in the router or hooking up to it.  That's it.


Let me know if I can help further.




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Harold:   Thank you so much for trying to help me.  All the details are impressive.  My problem is that I don’t have a monitor, a usb mouse, or a usb keyboard.  I only have a Macbook, an iphone, and an ethernet cable, and an Icom 7300.

You mentioned a vnc program and I looked it up but, my goodness!, it is way above my understanding.  

I can see all connected addresses on my router, but my rigpi is not one of them, even with the ethernet cable connected.

There has got to be a way for me to get the IP address!  I am sure it is true that the local connection to the Rigpi with hardware or VCN is a must have, but I can’t do it so far.

Please advise me again how to do it using my ethernet connection.  Or does anyone who knows and could help, live within 100 miles of Greensboro, NC.

I really want to be able to use this.  

James Little    K4JUO


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Your RigPi is working normally.  It's easiest to set it up the first time with a Monitor, Keyboard, and mouse connect to the RigPi.  This is because the LAN and WAN IP address is easily found in the RSS software under the setting>System menu.  Plus you need this to make adjustment to how you are connect to your radio and the level adjustments.  


You can also do all this with the VNC terminal program.  Do a google and you will find it.  I believe they have a MAC version.  You will use it in place of the hardware but will still need the IP address. 


Here is what you will need to do to get the IP address.   You need to get on a browser and sign on to your router.   On my network the router is located at   Yours may be different but you need to know it to do it this way. After you are signed in the router you will see a list of all the connected devices.  It's in a different place in the router so I can't tell you where it will be in yours but it's not hard to find.   You will use VNC to connect  to the RigPi desktop to adjust the underlying settings.  Set up in VNC a connect using that address.  If you did everything correctly you should get a connect.


After you get everything set up you will then type that same IP address you found in your router into a browser and you will get to the RSS (radio control).  You will have to set that up for your radio but all the level and type connections must be done one the rigpi.


Do yourself a favor and hook a monitor, keyboard, and mouse up to the RigPi and get all the info that way.  Click on the red Pi sign on the desktop and get you IP address there under Settings>system.  Then come back and I can help you with the rest of what you need to do. 


You also need to search the forum for the work "stuff" and my post with general information will show up.  It will give you a better understanding of what's going on. I don't know what radio you have but look at the instructions I posted on the Icom 7300 also.  Between it and this other document it will give you a betrter understanding on what you need to do no matter what radio you have.  The local connection to the RigPi with hardware or VCN is a must have.


I hope this makes since.  If not fell free to ask more questions after reading those 2 posts.





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Connecting with an Ethernet cable from router to RigPi.  Plugged in RigPi to 5.1 v 2.5 A switching AC power supply. I have a Macbook laptop connected to router by wifi.  In a browser window, I looked at all connected addresses.  Saw red and green lights, then after 20 seconds, only red.

I could not find the Raspberry Pi listed or its IP address on the Macbook. The number of connected devices was the same with the RigPi on or off.  helP!  James Little   K4JUO.

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