Re: RS-918 Setup for the MFJ-1234 #rs-918 #mfj-1234

Mike K0JTA

GREAT question!  I had thought of this myself, but had not taken any action.  (So, THANK YOU for this new topic!)

For those who may not know what this "RS-918" is all about, it is a pocket-sized 10 watt HF ham SDR.  There is a user group as seen in the following link, where one can learn more about this fine unit:

The RS-918-PLUS has been around for quite some time, and as a result, the basic model is quite mature.  -And it continues to evolve, as the FIRMWARE continues to be updated as the firmware is ongoingly improved.  (The FIRMWARE "is the radio," to summarize...)

I have the SD card for the RigPI on order from MFJ, and of course, it is on back-order at this moment.  -Not at all surprising, as the MFJ-1234 is quite an exciting item!  My original thought was to use the MFJ-1234's SD card to couple my Raspberry PI to an IC-7300, but the possibility to use this same device to control the RS-918 is  very exciting to me!

73;  Mike, K0JTA

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