Re: Mumble with FT-847d

N5VMO Pat <n5vmo00@...>

  Harold W5ZZT      I do live in an apartment; but have friends that live in the country side with internet access =)    So you know where I going with this is a remote station on a country side hilltop location with solar power / VPN WiFi connection =)   I have several R Pi and love playing with them and see what I can do with them and Ham Radio projects =)     I did have a tower ( never put it up ) for my house .... so gave it to a family member when I moved into the apartment =)   The picture you may see it my camera tripod / counterpoise wires with my Outbacker Perth antenna as a setup for /P at a state Park setting =)   I cannot have any outside antennas at the apartment =(    I do run QRP at the apartment and digital modes only =)

Thanks for inclusion into the group and look forward to setting up a R Pi remote station =)

73's Pat  N5VMO

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