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Michael Young

Real SATA or USB conversion?


On Jun 24, 2019, at 6:13 PM, Joe NE2Z <joe@...> wrote:

There are existing options to support SATA (search on Amazon)

Game changer ? I am being a bit cheeky when I say the Pi supporting audio in besides just out on the board

- Joe, NE2Z

James Craft via Groups.Io:
Meh, when they finally get SATA support, that will be a game changer. But not likely to happen for a long time with the ARM architecture.  4 GB of RAM is nothing to sneeze at, though. I can't imagine why someone would need dual monitor support on a RPi.

Also, quick question, is it appropriate to ask questions on this group if you've built your own version of the RigPi, but used the image purchased on the SD card or other hardware pieces from MFJ? Just wondering because there seems to be a bit of hostility towards anyone who didn't buy the entire completed unit or is trying to roll their own true open source software. The spirit of Linux and the RPi movement was open source from the beginning, and IMHO it looks like MFJ intentionally closed the system via backdoor usage of non-open-source graphics for the control software, simply to sell images at an inflated cost. They are a small company and entitled to earn a profit like everyone else, but I don't understand the hostility on this board towards everyone who is trying to assemble a true open source version of the unit. OTOH, when Ten Tec introduced the Rebel and Patriot radios, they encouraged experimentation from the open source community, and even released the source code for the Pegasus, Jupiter, Orion, and Omni radios for experimentation.

Jim, AD0AC

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