Installing RigPi on Icom IC-7100 and IC-7300 Radios

Clint Chron

I have uploaded a 47 page document that provides details on how to install/configure RigPi for IC-7100/7300 radios, using the USB cable for TX and RX audio.  I have tested the install process several times on my IC-7300 and will testing the install this week-end for my remote IC-7100.  In the doc, I added an Appendix that tries to capture areas that have been previously been mentioned as individual topics on this forum.
Please let me know of any steps that do not work and/or might be confusing.  There also might be a need to add additional steps that I have left out.

I have provided details for configuring the client on a Windows PC and an Android cell phone.  I suspect that most of the info in the doc can also be used for configuring the client on an IOS device.

Even though the install document is long, the actual installation process is very quick.


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