Re: was Apache-Labs - 100D connection to PC: Zerotier

Clint Chron

Hi Larry,


I have a similar problem with my ISP for my remotely located cabin.  I currently use the Icom RS-BA1 software, but will be converting over to RigPi.


I use a Dynamic DNS service from this vendor:


I use the free service, so you have to renew your host name every 30 days (you get a renewal email and the renew takes about 30 seconds.  So my remote DSL router ends up with a permanent host name and the IP address associated with the host name is updated by the noip cloud server whenever my Internet router gets a new DHCP IP lease.






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Subject: Re: [RigPi] was Apache-Labs - 100D connection to PC: Zerotier


Unfortunately my ISP is only willing to provide a static IP for a significant increase in monthly charges.

I travel away from home several times each month and would like to use the RigPI to allow remote access to my equipment.

Is it possible that the use of Zerotier could preclude the need for a static IP and/or port forwarding?  (I have Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers available.)

I apologize in advance for my significant lack of understanding of these network protocol requirements.



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