Re: Ordering MFJ-1234 SD Cards

Clint Chron

Howard has quite a few proprietary apps on the RigPi SD card that are not open source.  He also has quite a few open-source apps in addition to the standard Raspbian Stretch 9 OS.  I feel that the $40 is reasonable for the cost of the RigPi SD card.  I could never produce a product that mirrors the RigPi app.






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Sent: Monday, June 17, 2019 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: [RigPi] Ordering MFJ-1234 SD Cards


I find the math interesting as well.

- RIgPi OS on an SD card for $39.95 + tax/S+H

- NOOBS on a SD card from Adafruit  for $9.95 plus tax/S+H

I wonder what software packages built on an open source drive up the cost + $30 USD ?
If it's a production issue perhaps MFJ should check out how Adafruit keeps up


- Joe, NE2Z

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