Re: IC-7600 -- SignaLink -- RigPI

Michael Young

Well we'll see what Howard sez.

.I got the impression digital modes were intended for local ops but ya
still got the issue of splitting CAT and Audio between the digital
software and RSS.


On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 1:08 AM WA8KHP - <> wrote:

Thanks Mike and Mark for you input.

You both missed the target by a mile!

There are two sub parts to the problem, CAT Control and Audio. Both of you ONLY talked about Audio.

The main problem is "How can I use RigPi with my current cable connection to my IC-7600?" Many Hams already have already have Cat and Audio connections working for digital modes.

I do NOT want to give up my digital modes that currently work on the IC-7600. I just want to add RigPi remote SSB VOICE operation, NO cable changes or changing settings in my IC-7600. My current hardware using the SignaLink and the data settings in the IC-7600 are perfect!

I do NOT believe it is possible for NON SDR rigs to do both digital data and SSB RigPi communications without changing cable connections and hardware settings in the radio. A SDR rig can do it. I am defining an SDR rig as having PC software such as PowerSDR, SmartSDR etc (Apache-Labs, Flex, etc.) and use VAC, VSP or DAX. RigPi needs to connect to the PC via TCP or USB to Serial cables plus a Null Modem cable like I have done for my Apache-Labs 100D.

I believe Howard is going to need a Disclaimer on what kind of connections RigPi can do.


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