Re: IC-7600 -- SignaLink -- RigPI


Thanks Mike and Mark for you input.

You both missed the target by a mile!

There are two sub parts to the problem, CAT Control and Audio.  Both of you ONLY talked about Audio.

The main problem is "How can I use RigPi with my current cable connection to my IC-7600?"  Many Hams already have already have Cat and Audio connections working for digital modes.

I do NOT want to give up my digital modes that currently work on the IC-7600.  I just want to add RigPi remote SSB VOICE operation, NO cable changes or changing settings in my IC-7600.  My current hardware using the SignaLink and the data settings in the IC-7600 are perfect!

I do NOT believe it is possible for NON SDR rigs to do both digital data and SSB RigPi communications without changing cable connections and hardware settings in the radio.  A SDR rig can do it.   I am defining an SDR rig as having PC software such as PowerSDR, SmartSDR etc (Apache-Labs, Flex, etc.) and use VAC, VSP or DAX.  RigPi needs to connect to the PC via TCP or USB to Serial cables plus a Null Modem cable like I have done for my Apache-Labs 100D.

I believe Howard is going to need a Disclaimer on what kind of connections RigPi can do. 


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