Here are the group rules & guidelines:

1. Before asking a question, please search the message archives, files, databases, wiki pages, and photos to see if it has already been answered. There's a lot of information here that shouldn't need repeating. All members are expected to apply due diligence instead of asking things that have been covered.

2. Please keep discussion friendly. Differing opinions are welcome.

3. Name-calling and fighting will not be allowed.

4. No politics or religion.

5. Don't double post (2 in a row without someone else posting) in the same thread. If you need to make a large change to a posting, edit your original. Remember though that those receiving messages in email will get a copy of the original and each edited version. For something minor, say forgetting your sign-off, it would be best not to make a correction. (Signatures are available, one for each group.) If you get the digest, read all posts in a thread, then make one reply for each thread, not one for each post.

6. Pay attention to information in messages. If a poster requests that you contact them, don't post a reply on the group.

7. When replying to a message, don't include any more of the original message than is required to identify what you are responding to and no more than one previous message at most. In most cases, no previous messages are needed because the reply will go into the thread in the order received. Those of you using 'smart devices' will need to learn how to delete extraneous information. There are still some of us that don't have unlimited, high speed internet access, so please be considerate. Also see the Trimming Message Clutter page in the Wiki.

8. When adding Photos, the group is set up so that all photos are automatically reduced in file size, so unless your file is over about 5MB to begin with, there should be no problems. You should include information in the description so that folks can contact you if they have questions.

9. When adding an event to the calendar, be sure to include your name and contact information.

10. Be sure to include your year and model when asking for help so that we can provide the proper information to you. Please sign your posts so we know who we're "talking" to. A group signature is a good way to do this so you don't forget.

11. Remove the automatic footer on your device(s) or program(s) that attach "Sent from ..." to every message. It can become very annoying and wastes bandwidth. Every device is a bit different, but is usually called a signature and should be in the email/message composition settings. These are sometimes added by email or antivirus programs as well, usually the free ones, so don't forget to remove those.

12. DO NOT select the "Notify Group" box when uploading a file! You can make a post with a link pointing to it. That way, if you change or delete the file, the message archives can be kept up to date easier.

13. Social comments or observations belong on the Rialta group, not this one.

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