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Stuart Shef <stushef@...> added the album Bachmann Gear : Bachmann Gear 18tooth x 8mm x 2mm axle x 1.5mm wide

Charles Harris

Hi Stuart

You dont happen to have the Bachmann drawing for the 15t gear with shoulder and angled teeth for the doodlebugs ?



Stuart Shef

So sorry.  My CAD software (automation) only does square cut gears.

I don't think I can do justice to manually draft angle cut gears. (though it seems to be an interesting exercise...)

For any custom drafting, you would need to supply a number of dimensions -- ie diameter, width, tooth depth, (tooth angle), shoulder dimensions, shaft diameter, and "modulus" (if known).

Perhaps a general shout out might get someone with an advanced version of CAD that can do the angle cut gears.