After existing as free list for over twenty years, this list upgraded to Premium to provide increased service to list members. 
   Our group is for discussion of repowering and regearing model railroad locomotives. This group is also receptive to the discussion of additional model modifications after repowering and regearing; for example, repairs and redetailing, DCC installations and painting as pertains to locomotives. Modelers from all scales and gauges are welcome.  Attachments are currently restricted to 500K in size, this limit may be modified in the future.  New members are automatically moderated for their first posts. After approval of those posts the member will be unmoderated by the system.

 Welcome.  After 40 years of can motors improving the efficiency of our models, lower current = cleaner wheels.  Recently we are finding improved motor designs trickling into the hobby.  Notably 4 magnet, 6 pole square motors with exceptional strength and efficiency for their size.   The 18mm square Mabuichi SF-266SA may be the best remotoring option for most HO locos.  At $2-3 each on eBay including shipping from China, these are an excellent starting point for HO repowering.  Check the archives for dozens of posts on installing these motors.
For smaller locos, including most HOn3 locos, the Minebea 15mm four magnet square motor combines extra torque, with a low RPM (7,000 at 12 volts) and low current draw, making it the go-to for most of your HOn3 steamers. .I have been in HOn3 since the late 60's.  I find the older PFM and WSM locos have better, more durable mechanisms than the newer Korean models.  Using the 15mm four magnet Minebea square motors,  these old locos run better than many of the newer imports and the mtoros have a lot more torque than a bigger 1630 can motor which was used in larger HOn3 Mikados.   

Search the archives, a couple of members have remotored dozens of HOn3 locos with these 15mm square motors.  Minebea also makes a 10mm square motor for really small applications.  And you can buy forty of them for the price of a Faulhaber with less torque and speed control.

On January 15th, 2021 this list upgraded from a basic list to a Premium (paid) list.  Voluntary Sponsorship by list members was rapid and provided reserve funds within 24 hours to maintain the list for the next three years.  Until 2023, the Sponsor This Group function is disabled. 
The upgrade allows larger image files to be stored In Photo albums and databases.  Without this upgrade moderators would have to delete old image files to stay under the maximum storage limit for Basic (free) lists.



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