This list is devoted to the discussion of FASA's Renegade Legion games and the universe that it is set in. Renegade Legion deals with a future history of Mankind set several thousand years from now and the age of warfare that it has wrought. The core of that conflict is between the Terran Overlord Government (TOG) and its neighbors. The TOG is a revival of the old Roman Empire. While it was successful in throwing off the chains of alien enslavement, the TOG's xenophobic and sexist attitudes are creating internal strife and open rebellion/defection. Massive conflicts take place throughout the galaxy and the games deal specifically with this aspect of the universe. The titles include Interceptor (fighter combat), Leviathan (capital ship combat), Centurion (grav tank combat) and Prefect (operational planetary assault.) Additionally, new rules and system discussion on topics such as Legatus, the Legionnaire RPG, books, property rights, and other Renegade Legion related subjects is welcome.

This list is a successor to Yahoo Renegade Legion group which is now off-line. Due to the annoyance of spam bots, all new members need to be approved by the moderators.

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