Remote Keyer Interface for Flex 6000 Series

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What is this? 

RemoteKeyerInterface is a simple program that lets you connect a hardware Winkeyer to your PC to allow paddles to key a remote Flex 6000 transceiver while the Winkeyer generates local side tone. 

How to Download?

The installer is available at the following URL:

Serial port interface documentation is available as a PDF:

How does it work? 

You connect a serial cable (or USB serial adapter) to the RCA connectors for PTT and KEY on the back of the Winkeyer.  When you send paddle CW with a paddle connected to the Winkeyer, the RemoteKeyerInterface program monitors the KEY and PTT state via the serial connection and sends this keying information to the remote Flex 6000 series transceiver you have selected. 

How to set it up? 

First, prepare a serial port connection.  Two methods of connecting the serial port are available, one that uses the correct method, as well as a shortcut method that relies upon passive pulldown. Both methods work with a Winkeyer USB or other keyer that has isolated PTT and KEY outputs. 


Starting the program and connecting to rig and serial port 

Double click on the program icon called RemoteKeyerInterface, and select a rig from the top dropdown list.  The software must be able to see the rig either via LAN or VPN.  Smartlink support is not yet available but is coming soon.  

Then, in the second dropdown list, choose the serial port that you have connected to the Winkeyer's PTT and KEY outputs.  

Now, when you send CW with a paddle connected to the Winkeyer, the software will key your Flex 6000 series transceiver.  You will hear CW side tone coming from the Winkeyer's tiny internal speaker.  This sidetone does not sound particularly nice, but it has no latency which is useful for hand sent CW. 

Future Improvements

  • Generate low latency sidetone from the PC instead of relying upon the Winkeyer's own sidetone. 
  • Adjust the sidetone pitch to match the pitch configured in SmartSDR
  • Add Smartlink support

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Winkeyer's built in serial or USB port used? 
A: No, it is not necessary for the proper functioning of this program.  

Q: Will SmartSDR one day support side tone and serial port paddle connections?
A: Flex has not announced whether it will, but this program is meant as an intermediate step. Ideally this program will be made obsolete once such functionality is added.

Q: Why is there a checkbox for sidetone? Why is it disabled? 
A: This checkbox is meant to indicate that PC sidetone support is coming, but that it is not available yet. 

Q: Can I connect the Winkeyer's built-in serial/USB port to N1MM+ and use this program to send CW and generate sidetone for CW sent using N1MM+?
A: This should work, but it has not been tested extensively.  Please post to the group if you use this successfully. 

Q: Why haven't you added PC side tone yet? 
A: It has been challenging to find a way to generate low latency sine wave audio on the PC.  There are some libraries that I have not yet had a chance to try. If you have expertise in this please email NQ6N.

Q: Why  haven't you added Smartlink support yet? 
A: I have the login working, but for some reason the radio connection is not yet working. I have had very little time to spend on this. If you have expertise in this and wish to help debug, please email NQ6N.

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